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What is the Booster Club and what do they do: 


In 2002 the AH POHI Sports Booster Club was formed.  The booster club was formed to help establish the adapted sports program in our area.  As you may be aware, the Anoka-Hennepin School District offers adapted sports in 2 divisions/teams for both the Physically Impaired (P.I.) and Cognitively Impaired (C.I.).  The P.I. division offers sports for each season during the school year.  Fall-Soccer, Winter-Floor Hockey, Spring-Softball.  The P.I. division and C.I. division each have their own booster clubs.  The P.I. division’s booster club is referred to as P.O.H.I. (which stands for Physically and Other Handicap Impairments). 

One of the main functions of the booster club is to support the team for things the school district does not, such as banquets, trophies/plaques, buses and any other team needs as they arise.  We have 3 main fundraisers during the year (one each season) to help offset these costs.  In the fall/soccer season, we sell wreaths.  In the winter/floor hockey season we sell candy bars.  In the spring/softball we sell raffle tickets.   

The booster club meets once a month.  The meetings are usually held on Wednesdays at Caribou on Bunker Lake Blvd in Andover.  We consider ALL team Parents/Guardians to be members of this club.   In order for the booster club to be successful we need ALL parents to participate.  We welcome all Parents/Guardians and value new input.  The meetings usually last 1-1/2 hours.  An agenda of business is usually followed.  Topics such as future fund-raisers, banquets and team needs are addressed.  Please come and be a part of supporting the team!  WE NEED YOU! Everyone is welcome to come.


Anoka Hennepin POHI Booster Club Mission Statement


Personal development through Adapted Athletics

Playing Adapted sports enhances the quality of life for our children with disabilities. As they participate in Adapted sports with a group of their peers, they receive acceptance and develop self-esteem.   Adapted athletics help our children grow, learn and enjoy themselves while they develop their personal and physical skills. Through participation, they learn personal development, teamwork and responsible behavior on and off the field. They learn life lessons of leadership and strength of character and sportsmanship - acceptance of victory with humility and acknowledgment of defeat with grace.


Build Pride and Family within the Mustang Athletics

The purpose of the Anoka Hennepin POHI Booster Club is to support the needs of our children that are playing adapted sports for the Anoka Hennepin PI Mustangs.  We take Pride in knowing that our Coaches, Paras, Student Managers and our Athletes are true representatives for the Anoka Hennepin PI Mustangs. We help strengthen bonds among the Mustang families both as athletes as well as their lives outside the athletic department.        We promote a sense of being a part of the “Mustang Family”.